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THE C DECLARATIONS AND CHARACTER SETS -Updated on November 27, 2011-Find more at Programming


  • To learn the C language is very easy. Instead of directly to learn C program we want to know the basic of alphabets, symbols, numbers that are used in the C program they are called character set and delimiters.
  • To use this character set and delimiter we are constructing the constant, variables and keywords.
  • From this constant, variable and keywords we are forming the instructions.
  • To combine these instructions we are writing the C language.

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  • The character that are used to form the words, numbers and expressions.  The character are classified as follows

1)  Letters

2)  Digits

3)  White space

4)  special characters

  • Letters:  

    All alphabets are used.

Capital letters: A, B……Y,Z .

Small letters: a, b,…. y, z.

  • Digits:

    All decimal digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are used.

  • White space:
  1. B lank space
  2. New line
  3. Horizontal table
  4. Vertical table
  5. From line
  • Special characters:

  Symbols                                    Names                                               

    ,                                             comma   

&                                             Ampersand

.                                              Period or dot

;                                               Semicolon

:                                               Colon

+                                             Plus

–                                               Minus

*                                               Asterisk

^                                               Caret

‘                                              Apostrophe

“                                              Quotation mark

!                                              Exclamation mark

<                                            Less than

>                                          Greater than

()                                          Parenthesis left/ right

[]                                            Bracket left /right

{}                                            Braces left /right

|                                             Vertical bar

/                                              Slash

                                              Back slash

%                                              Percent

#                                               Number sign or Hash

=                                                Equal to

@                                             At the rate

$                                             Dollar

_                                             Underscore

~                                             Tilde

?                                            Question Mark



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